Agito Twin S


Debut (Anime)

Episode 3: "The Magnificent Third Driver!"

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Anime, Manga, Video game





The Arcadia Agito Twin S is a Gyrozetter piloted by Toma and his second Gyrozetter overall. Originally a normal Arcadian sports car, Xenon acquired one of these vehicles and has created a Gyrozetter out of it. It is shown to have a lot more power and manueverability compared to Xenon's previous Gyrozetter, the Gobli. As a test run, Lord Goat ordered Toma to elimante the third chosen driver, Shunsuke Hayami. But in the end, faced against Kakeru's Raibird and Rinne's Prius Alpha.

Agito Twin S swiftly placed Prius Alpha out of commission and was a good match against Raibird, watching its moves closely. It was only until Kakeru fooled Toma into attacking first that allowed Raibird execute its counterattack, "Jet Laser Kick" and Agito Twin S received its first defeat.

Its second appearence is when Toma led a sneak attack on Arcadia Academy when Kakeru and the others were away at Mount Fuji. It finished off A.I. controlled Gyrozetter Legacies and Biantes with ease and soon got a second rematch with Prius Alpha, with Agito Twin S once again having the upper hand. But before Toma can finish Rinne off, Michie and Kong Loader made their arrival, something Toma did not expect. Before he can do anything, Kong Roader quickly used "Great Drum" on Agito Twin S and was blown to oblivion.


Machine 03on
As a car, the Agito Twin S is an Arcadian performance coupe with side exhausts. It's apparently used around the world as a race car as Shunsuke had to race against 2 of them in America. It design cues seems to be slightly inspired by modern Alfa Romeo cars. As a Gyrozetter, its a big improvement from the Gobli Gyrozetters. it's design seems to slightly insect-based with its pincer-like placement of its twin swords on its back, as well as its body and head design. Toma's Agito Twin S is dark gray in colour and has red highlights. It seems to share the same shoulder design as the Gobli however.

Gyrozetter FormEdit

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Agito Twin S on the Gyrozetter website.

The Agito Twin S is a powerful fighter and an idea of what future Xenon Gyrozetters can be capable of. It wields dual swords as opposed to Raibird's single-blade style. Agito Twin S can attack more swiftly with its weapons and can deal a lot of damage over time. It also has the ability of temporary flight, giving it the high ground in a fight. One of its attacks is "Dual Blast" where Agito Twin S fly upwards, unleash a barrage of crescent-shaped projectiles launched from it's twin swords and finishes with a dual blast, inflicting a massive shockwave on its enemy.


  • Agito Twin S has a unique transformation sequence where an Arcadian symbol appears first before transforming into Xenon's symbol, as its originally an Arcadian autombile modified by Xenon.
  • The Agito Twin S appears in the anime's first opening, being destroyed by Raibird's Lightning Slash.
  • Agito Twin S is the first of numerous Xenon Gyrozetters created from Arcadian automobiles.