Here is a list of policies and guidelines that has been created on the "Gyrozetter Wiki". We have a ambition to progress our goal to become the number one source of information and being also the most freely editable wiki about the Chō Soku Henkei Gyrozetter series.

As we try to follow our ambition to become the best source of information, we have added rules that counts for every editor who is editing around this wiki. Take your time of reading the rules, because they are very important for us and for others who are trying to read more information about he series. If you break one of the rules, you will be banned. This wiki also wants to create a popular and a civility community, which everyone can get along with each other.

Do note: Do not handle things through different wiki's especially the community central wiki, also not through different administrators around different wiki's. We do not want anyone involve about something you where responsible for, we want to solve it at this wiki with the one with who you got trouble with.

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