GT-RRR in the anime.

A Combination Gyrozetter is a powerhouse which consists of 3 Gyrozetters combined together. To ensure combination sucess, all three Moebius engines in all 3 Gyrozetters must resonate in harmony. Once the pilot shouted the command "Chō Soku Gatai!" (Hyper Speed Combination), the combination process begins where each Gyrozetter transforms into a ball of energy and combine and materialise into a much bigger, more powerful Gyrozetter.

In the video game, if a user uses three specific Gyrozetter machine cards, the three Gyrozetters will immediately combine before a fight begins. In terms of power and status, a Combination Gyrozetter is at a similar level to a boss Gyrozetter with a similar amount of attack power and it does not fall from an attack in-game like a normal Gyrozetter, even if a Final Burst is used against it (but damage still applies). If the Combination Gyrozetter's Burst Core is maxed, it splits back into its three Gyrozetter components, allowing the first Gyrozetter of the group to execute its own Final Burst attack.

Known Combination GyrozettersEdit

Anime and Video GameEdit

  • Yasumenoanime

Video Game onlyEdit


  • All Combination Gyrozetters (except Yasumeno-Orochi) seem to include one older model and 2 newer models of a certain car.
  • GT-RRR, RX-Ω, Lancer Evolution ZERO and Impreza GRX are present in the video game's initial release. Queen-86 and Yasumeno-Orochi are applied later when newer machine cards are released and in-game data are updated.
  • In the anime, only one Gyrozetter pilot is present while the other 2 Gyrozetters are piloted by A.I. during the combination process. Its unknown whether a Combination Gyrozetter can hold three pilots at once or this process is only for one.