Debut (Anime)

Episode 26: "RRR Awakens! Secret of the Burst Core!"

Appears in

Anime, Manga, Video game


Shunsuke Hayami


Arcadia Academy

GT-RRR is a Combination Gyrozetter. It consists of Shunsuke 's GT-R (Pure Edition), GT-R Black Edition and Skyline GT-R V-Spec II . It is one of six Combination Gyrozetters in the video game and its one of two that has made an appearance in the anime.

Arcadia were working on a new Gyrozetter project at Mount Fuji and at one point needed materials brought over from the Arcadia Academywhich nearly ended in disaster in the air. It is then revealed that there are 2 new Gyrozetters being worked on at Fuji; another Nissan GT-R and a Skyline GT-R, outfitted with newer Moebius engines, which is also later applied to Shunsuke's GT-R when its original Moebius engine was torn out by Guiltice .

All three cars were then transported to an Xeterate mining plant in a rescue effort to recover Commander Hisaishi who was kidnapped by Saki. After Shunsuke had a brief run-in with Haruka's Subaru BRZ and Toma 's Berger, both GT-R Black Edition and Skyline GT-R are deployed simultaneously. After Shunsuke shouted the command "Chō Soku Gatai!" (Hyper Speed Combination), all three Gyrozetters transform and combine together to create this behemoth of a knight.

GT-RRR made a second and final appearance in a fight against the large Xenon Gyrozetter Desuzenon. It didn't last very long; It executed "Judgement Blade" on Desuzenon but it was blocked and as a counter, it sliced GT-RRR's chest and was defeated, ending in an explosion. Only Shunsuke's GT-R came out of the wreckage.



GT-RRR on the Gyrozetter website.

"GT-R.... got really big...."

- Haruka

GT-RRR's size is at least three times the average size of a Gyrozetter. It has a dual colour tone which consists of Shunsuke's GT-R's blue and GT-R Black Edition's white/silver. It has an array of circular tailights on its back (shoulder to shoulder) and has a diamond-shaped head and face. Its sword and shield has also tripled into size.


Even though it did not have as much action as it should have received, its enough to give an idea of how much power GT-RRR really has. One of its main moves is "Judgement Blade", in which GT-RRR's humongous sword becomes shrouded in flames and after big leap, GT-RRR perform a heavy downward strike on its target, which is implied to be able to wipe out an enemy Gyrozetter in one hit under normal circumstances.