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Episode 1: "Raibird to the Front!"

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The Xenon Gobli is a self-controlling Gyrozetter that serves nothing more than a foot soldier. They first appeared in Episode 1 but did not transform until Episode 2 where a pack of Gobli Gyrozetters surrounded Raibird in a circle. By themselves, Goblis are not much of a threat but when they come in numbers, they can make things a little harder. But as Xenon are able to create newer and better Gyrozetters, the Goblis becomes obsolete and are reduced to mere background vehicles in the Xenon base.


The Xenon Gobli vehicle mode is styled as a 2-door hatchback with a sporty, aggressive design. It's colour is green-ish gray with hints of purple. It's Gyrozetter form has a short stature, possibly one of the shortest Gyrozetters in the series. Overall, its design seems to based on that of a goblin, hence its name.

Gyrozetter FormEdit

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Gobli on the Gyrozetter website.

The Gobli Gyrozetter does not have much to show for in terms of fighting power, it has a basic mace and shield which on its own isn't a whole lot. The Gobli's only strength is numbers; with enough Goblis, they can overwhelm a target, such as when they were able to subdue Raibird after surrounding it. The Goblis would have defeated Kakeru had Rinne and her Prius Alpha not interefered. Their best performance is when they attacked the Arcadia Academy when Kakeru and the others are away at Mount Fuji to train and are able to defeat Arcadia's A.I. controlled Gyrozetter Legacies and Biantes.