The Gyrozetter Wiki is a wikia source of every information about the video game, manga and anime series titled: Chō Soku Henkei Gyrozetter since 25 September 2012. This wiki has only three primary goals:

  1. To become the best source of information of the Chō Soku Henkei Gyrozetter series.
  2. To complete everything around this wiki to bring more information to the readers who are enjoying this series.
  3. Being a polite and civil wiki where everyone can work together on various projects.

But this wiki dislikes a lot about contributors who:

  1. Add templates that hasn't been decided by the administrator.
  2. Doesn't read the rules and doing things that are not according to the wiki's policy.
  3. Becoming a dirty-mouth talker towards editors and administrators.
  4. Vandalizing and embezzling.


The Gyrozetter Wiki has been founded on Tuesday 25, September 2012 by KidProdigy. This wiki is still new and no other information has been given away of the series becoming it unfortunately unknown for others. We hope that this wiki will become major like other great names around this wiki.


See also: Policy

The Gyrozetter Wikia has a very strict policy which contains various rules for various sections. It is very important to read the rules first before you start making any edits to any pages around this wiki. If you break one of the rules you will be warned by a administrator and if you continue with that, then you will be blocked from this wiki.

If you registered yourself at this wiki, you will be blocked in a span from 1 day until 12 months, but as a unregistered editor you will get banned infinite for breaking one of the rules. The Gyrozetter Wiki do not accept contributors who vandalizing, adding fan art, adding fan theories in pages or having a potty mouth towards others, making a own will of edits and internet slang usage.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.