The Layout Guide Policy is a policy that contains rules about the layouts of various of wiki articles. The layout guide helps users to understand what we want to have in various of articles to make the wiki more organized in pages. If you read this rule, it also prevents you from having warning from the administrators from insulting the layout guide. But there are some things that you will be banned for.

Layout Guide Edit

Character Pages Edit

NOTE: This rule contains to be uncompleted, please do still read this rule if you already want to make character pages.

If you want to create new character pages, please do keep in mind that you must do it according these steps:

  • introduction — The introduction contains only first piece of the character. It tells in a short summary about the character. His name, his kanji and romaji name must be written at there.
    • Example: {{Translation|'''Character Name'''|Kanji Name|Romaji Name}} is a the main protagonist of ''[[Series Name]]''.
  • Background — Tells the history of the character in the series. Do note that it must be written in past tense as every text in every pages around this wiki.
  • Personality — The personality of a character.
    • Example: "Character Name" is a person who is hyperactive and a happy-go-lucky character.
  • Appearance — The main appearance of a character.
    • Example: "Character Name" wears a red jacket with blue shoes and grey pants.
  • Gyrozetter — The characters Gyrozetter. This serves only as the main header of the sub-header:
    • "Gyrozetter Name" — The name of the Gyrozetter which also shows the information about the Gyrozetter the character controls.
    • Note: Do remember that the character and Gyrozetter must be separated from each other including the Gyrozetter's ability.
  • Plot — Plot of the main character in the anime and manga series.
  • Relationships — The connection what the main character of a certain article page has with the others of the series. This must be done in a separated page.
  • Trivia — Facts about the character that cannot be placed in the rest of the headers.
  • Quotes — Saying from the character in the series.
  • References — A list of references that has been tagged with the "<ref></ref>" tag.
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