Kenzō Todoroki

Kenzō Todoroki

Kenzō Todoroki轟 健三Kenzō Todoroki

Debut (Manga)

Chapter 1

Debut (Anime)

Episode 1

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anime, manga, video game

Seiyū (Japanese)

Yūya Uchida








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Kenzō Todoroki is the father of Kakeru Todoroki and also the husband of Nana Todoroki. He is also one of the characters from the Chō Soku Henkai Gyrozetter series and is currently a TV-producer. His appearance was shown after that Kakeru fought with Tōma to protect the academy. Hiroto

Personality Edit

Kenzō has a serious behavior evenly towards his workers. It seems that he very worried about Kakeru's personality and his doing. One example of this is that he even flew into battle with his chopter to get Kakeru focused.

Appearance Edit

Kenzō has tan skin and brown hair. His son show resemblance to him in some parts which are the lightning stroke hair points which he has them on the sides. He wore a gray-white shirt and black pants and black shoes.

Quotes Edit

  • (To one of his workers): "Yeah. I can't believe Kakeru is..."