Prius Alpha


Prius Alphaプリウスα

Debut (Manga)

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Debut (Anime)

Episode 1: "Raibird to the Front!"

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Anime, Manga, Video gane


Rinne Inaba


Arcadia Academy

 The Toyota Prius Alpha is a Gyrozetter initially piloted by Rinne Inaba . It's first appearence is in Episode 1 but its Gyrozetter form was not revealed until Episode 2 in order to help Kakeru fight off a pack of Xenon Gyrozetters. It has been Rinne's personal Gyrozetter until Episode 13 where it was brutally damaged by Great Kraken's Great Bunker Charge attack after pushing Kakeru out of the way (which in the end allowed Kakeru to execute a Final Burst attack and defeat Great Kraken).

It has since been in heavy maintence as it's Moebius engine has also been damaged from the attack. After Rinne recieved Dolphine as a surprise gift, Rinne was given the choice to switch between Prius Alpha and Dolphine depending on the situation at hand.

Kaede Suzukawa, a good friend of Rinne, later pilots Prius Alpha in her first Gyrozetter training.


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Prius Alpha is a white MPV hybrid based on the Toyota Prius hachback. It's Gyrozetter form is similar to that of a nurse with high heels. It has skating capabilities and is flexible enough to mimic Rinne's figure skating style, including her Ina Bauer technique. It is also swift enough to dodge attacks.

Gyrozetter FormEdit

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Prius Alpha on the Gyrozetter website.

When Prius Alpha converts to its Gyrozetter form, it can summon its primary weapon; a large needle-like blaster dubbed the "Hybrid Laser Cannon", a weapon that further supports Prius Alpha's nurse-like design (as well as humorously reminding Kakeru of his fear of needles). Rinne can use this weapon to shoot Hybrid energy which paralyses enemy Gyrozetters, allowing others to execute their fnishing moves, this is attack is known as "EV Discharge". Prius Alpha can also use its weapon to heal others by sucking out energy from enemies like a syringe and transfering them to its alllies, this move is known as "EG Distribute". If push comes to shove, Prius Alpha can also use its weapon as a close range melee weapon. Overall, Prius Alpha's best role is support and healing with the addition of long range attacks.