Queen-86 in-game.

Queen-86 is a Combination Gyrozetter. It is one of 4 out of six Combination Gyrozetters that has only made an appearance in the video game. It consists of Toyota 86 G, Toyota 86 GT and Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex , creating this 4-legged queen of Toyota sports cars.




Queen-86 on the website's update section.


  • Even though the Sprinter Trueno has made an appearance in the anime, its Gyrozetter form never appeared so Queen-86's appearance was not possible.
  • Queen-86 and Yasumeno-Orochi have one thing in common; both are not available when the Gyrozetter video game was first released. Instead they were both added at a later time as more machine cards are released and in-game data are updated.