Debut (Manga)

Chapter 1

Debut (Anime)

Episode 1: "Raibird to the Front!"

Appears in

anime, manga, video game


Kakeru Todoroki


Arcadia Academy

Raibird (ライバード Raibado) (Officially written in the English language as Libird in Japan) is the Gyrozetter belonging toKakeru Todoroki This is one of the AI cars from Arcadia. It is first shown in Episode 1.


Raibird is mainly crimson in colour, though its releases cast it in red. Its body, after Super-Highspeed Transformation, is thin-like and light-looking, thus providing more movement and speed possibilities. On its heels are its back wheels, which allow it to skate freely across the environment.

Gyrozetter FormEdit

Result of Super-Highspeed Transformation: When Raibird converts into its Gyrozetter Mode, it has a blade with which it can engage enemies in close-range combat. Its finisher card, when inserted and read, is dubbed as Lightning Slash, where it jumps into the air, has its blade charge with lightning power, and activates its back thrusters to soar down to its opponent and slash them.

In Episode 12 , Raibird gains a new form dubbed (Name of Gyrozetter in question): Hyper Spec that a strengthens the weak areas that Eraser-01 brutally damaged 2 episodes prior