IInaba Rinne appears in the first episode being saved by Todoroki Kakeru and Raibird from Xenon's Touma and his Gobli Force. She becomes the second chosen driver to awaken in the second episode.


Rinne is normally a very sweet and timid girl but will show her aggressive side when irritated with someone and will inflict an Ina Bauer attack, normally on either Kakeru or Michie.

Her wish is to become an olympic skater and she shows her determination by practicing often. Her signature move, Ina Bauer, is also a skating move.


Rinne transferred to the Arcadia school at a young age and met Kakeru outside the entrance. Having caught her attention by asking if someone was lonely without friends, she looked to find him crouching in the grass and actually talking to a wandering ant. The two hit it off as friends and had been close ever since.

Her dream of becoming and Olympic skater was born at a young age. She had almost given up on her dream after being laughed at by her classmates but was reassured by Kakeru who said that she could definitely do it. She later states in the anime that the two people who always supported her dream have been Kakeru and her older brother Inaba Takumi. Takumi was shown encouraging her in another flashback to try jumping again.

Rinne was one of the three drivers to appear in the first episode already staying at the school, along with Kakeru and Michinori, Her first gyrozetter, Prius Alpha, was also present as she was having an underclassman borrow it for test driving.

She is the first driver to receive another gyrozetter when her first, Prius, was being repaired. Dolphine was her second and stayed with her throughout the rest of the series.

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