Kon'nichiwa~! Watashi wa Ari Cocodoro!

Ok, English time, now. My name's Ari, and i'm the 6th Gyrozetter driver, driver of Yushansai, a black, dark and light purple Gyrozetter with the elements of water and fire. Her weapon is a pair of arm canons that can contain both flammable air and water to both burn and soak. Her systems can make the water ice cold, so cold that when it touches air, it'll freeze, or so hot that it'll burn your skin off.

She was a Gyrozetter designed and created by me, along with my AI, Aibo, who is now inside my car, and in basically anything i own with tech. Seriously, he hacked my electric fan. Yushansai can also use the powers, weapons and moves of other Gyrozetters, as long as i have gained acces to they're card, and once i use it, my own copy of it will be created, so y'allz better watch youz's back, cause she be comin' at yah!

So yeah, i live in the Philippines, so i'm cut off from the other drivers, but i have my conectionss to them. Kekeru is a good friend of mine, along with Rinne and the others. Another thing to mention, Yushansai's official name is Yushuasai Zulu, and any nickname can be given to her to shorten it. I usually call her Yusha.

So, i guess this is goodbye for now, drive on, fellow Gyrozetter drivers. Ari, OUT! :)

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